1. TITLE: The Club shall be called “The Probus Club of Sandown.”


  1. AIM: To promote fellowship among retired professional and businessmen.
  1. MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall be open to professional and business men, resident in and around the Borough of Elmbridge, who have fully or partially retired from their normal profession or business. An applicant for membership should be willing to;
  1. Attend Monthly Club meetings.
  2. Attend periodic lunches and participate in some of the social events organised by the Club.
  3. Participate in the running and organisation of the Club and be willing to serve on the committee.
  4. Accept the Club’s policy on data protection.

An applicant shall be proposed and seconded by existing members of the Club or may apply directly to the Honorary Secretary. His application shall be submitted to and considered by the Committee on the approved Membership Application form.   On the approval of the Committee and payment of the subscription an applicant shall be deemed to be a Club member.

  1. CONSTITUTION:    There shall be a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer and the affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee comprising these officers, the retiring Chairman and two other Club members.    The Chairman shall retire from office on completion of one year but he shall then become an ex-officio member of the Committee for the following year.    All officers and other Committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.    Three members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum and the Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional committee members and to appoint one or more Sub-Committees. 
  1. MEETINGS: Ordinary Club meetings shall normally be held on the first Tuesday of each month. The proceedings will include a review of activities during the preceding month and proposals for the following month(s).    Where possible, arrangements will be made for a talk to be given by a member, or a guest speaker, on a specialised topic.    The Annual General Meeting will be held following the May ordinary Club meeting each year.    Voting shall be by a show of hands or by ballot as the meeting may decide.    In the event of an equal division of votes, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.    However, alterations to the Club Rules shall only be adopted on a majority vote of two to one of the members voting in ordinary meeting.
  1. SUBSCRIPTION: The annual subscription shall be decided by the members present at the Annual General Meeting.    Subscriptions shall become payable in May.    For members joining after September, the subscription shall be half the annual subscription.
  1. ACCOUNTS: An Income and Expenditure Account for the year to 31st March shall be prepared, independently examined and presented for approval at the Annual General Meeting.     An Independent Examiner will be appointed for the ensuing year at the Annual General Meeting.