The Money Matters Group meets on the 3rd Friday of every month at the Surbiton Golf Club. It starts at 10am for coffee and the meeting commences at 10.30am

The Chairman prepares an agenda to which are added items which members wish to raise - either to pass on information which may be of interest to others or where they seek advice. The subjects, which normally have a monetary element, will range from stocks and shares, insurance, foreign exchange, other savings and investments etc.

We also have an annual competition whereby everyone invests a hypothetical £10,000 in shares with the object of achieving the highest capital gain in 12 months. The range of chosen shares and reasons for investing in them are fascinating.

The meetings end at 12 noon.

Money Matters meeting Friday 17 January 2020

SHARE competition month two and only six of the 16 entrants has made a gain.

Out on a nominal stake of £160,000 collectively we are £4,241.64 in profit . Members average -0.46% against the FTSE 100 of  -1.81%. As my school reports frequently said “ Could do better” ( I seldom did) FTSE  100 dropped from 7631 in January to 7436 .64 this month.

RPI and CPI both up, Halifax house prices index up 4.1%.Wage growth up.

Exchange rate at time of writing are £1 = 1.19€ and $ 1.26.

Still a lot of uncertainty about trading because although we are out of the EU we are not out of the woods yet Market and manufacturers are very concerned about the effect the coronavirus is going to have on the supply chain of parts coming out of China.

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Money Matters meeting Friday 17 January 2020

The 2020 shares competition has attracted 16 entrants and at the end of the first month’s “trading “ eight are in profit with gains ranging from £1,304.66p down to £50.12p. Loses are from £117.35p down to £485.43p. But with 10 months to go there will most certainly be changes..

On the day FTSE 100 stood at 7,631 and the closest forecast was 7,625 (nice one Julian) General outlook FTSE 100 raising slowly £ is up against the $ and at parity with the €.

Halifax Index shows an overall increase in house prices of 4% Inflation is up although RPI fell last month and GDP is expected to increase by 1.1% in 2020 We leave the EU on Friday 31st of January and aeroplanes will not fall from the sky even though iguanas are falling from trees in Florida

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