The Money Matters Group meets on the 3rd Friday of every month at the Surbiton Golf Club. It starts at 10am for coffee and the meeting commences at 10.30am

The Chairman prepares an agenda to which are added items which members wish to raise - either to pass on information which may be of interest to others or where they seek advice. The subjects, which normally have a monetary element, will range from stocks and shares, insurance, foreign exchange, other savings and investments etc.

We also have an annual competition whereby everyone invests a hypothetical £10,000 in shares with the object of achieving the highest capital gain in 12 months. The range of chosen shares and reasons for investing in them are fascinating.

The meetings end at 12 noon.

MONEY MATTERS 20th September 2019

A very short meeting.
The competition organiser and financial analyst ( a.k.a. Roger Oldcorn) was not able to attend, so we had no update on the state of shares.
It is tacitly understood that religion and politics are not spoken of in Money Matters meetings.
There are references to money in the Holy Bible .Scripture tells us that Christ drove the money changers from the Temple. St Mark ( Ch 12 v 42) mentions “the widow’s mite. And Timothy (Ch6 v10) cautions that “The love of money is the root of all evil) But we steer clear of religion
Politics , and we are into a minefield. Politics and finance are so inextricably linked that it is impossible to speak of finance without politics intruding. So, despite all our best intentions and in the absence of competition results the discussion centred on Brexit.
Your reporter got the impression that everybody wanted the whole thing settled . Which way , well who knows
George Holder

MONEY MATTERS 16th August 2019
After two months in which all competition entrants were in profit we now have a couple of lose making portfolios and individual results range from a gain of £2,771:78 p to a fall of £905:84p.
Collectively the groups investment has fallen by £428:32p since July, in percentage terms 4*3%. Although we are beating the general trend , with most members being in profit , and are showing an overall increase of 9.2% against FTSE 5.6% since December 2018.
General summery
The economic outlook is not good, most indicators are downward:- the £ against most major currencies, the growth ( or lack of it) in the housing market, economic growth ( as measured by GDP) and the stock market.
There used to be a saying on change “Sell in May and go away. Come back on St. Ledger Day”
Only inflation in going up.
Some discussion about the UK’s tradings deficit ( imports are way above exports)and what could or should be done to balance the shortfall.
We think we have problems the USA Budget Balance for 2019 forecast is one trillion dollars (US)
Once again I am indebted to Roger Oldcorn for his major contribution in the compiling of this report