Here is a selection of software, mostly free, that you may well find useful. To visit the download site just click on the name of the software.

Image resizer.
Once installed this little application makes life a lot simpler, details under 'How to' in the computer menu.

AVG is a very well known and free anti virus programme and is highly recommended.

Computer Active Store
I you want to purchase software you need to look around fro the best price. I would suggest that here is a good place to start followed by Amazon. A good site for finding free softwar that is not contaminated with viruses in Cnet. I should add that although you will be protected form malicious software on this site it is not necessarily good software.


Security mainly for laptps and portable devices.  If your computer is stolen then it is possible to find out where it is and if you are luck even a photo of the thief!  How about that. 

Spybot together with Malwarebytes and Adaware all find and eliminate all sorts of undesirable bit of malware on you computer. Most of this is not very harmful but intrudes on your privacy and consumes power from your computer. They work indifferent ways so none is 100% efficient but together they should do the trick

Only for the brave. GIMP is photo editing software, very good, very competant but not that easy. For those lower down on the learning curve try Picasa.

Google Earth
Here you can visit almost anywhere on earth and see what it is really like. In some places you can even move along the street and get a real feel of the place. Dowload the software and enjoy yourself.

The Microsoft utility can be slow and difficult. Ccleaner is fast and efficient. If you need to clean the rubbish that has collected on your hard disc this software make life so much easier


Tom recently gave a presentation on this most useful, free application which allows cloud based computing, to refresh your memory click here. Download and you will have what looks like another drive on your computer only the contents of this will be available to you anywhere and if your house burns to the ground then it will still be there.