Computer Group Meeting and Events.

Please note, we would like to start Computer Group meetings at 10am so please arrive a little earlier and enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat first.


Fri 24 Jan 10am  David Kortright Fourth Friday      WiFi
Fri 14 Feb 10am  Mike Wilson  Google Calendar
Fri 13 Mar 10am  Chris Mapleton  Scams
Fri 24 April 10am CANCELLED
Fri 22 May 10am CANCELLED
Fri 12 June 10am CANCELLED  
Fri 10 Jul 10am CANCELLED  
Fri 14 Aug 10am  Chris Topping  
Fri 11 Sep 10am  Mike Wilson  
Fri 9 Oct 10am  Tim Craig  Cyber warfare: WW3 without bullets
Fri 13 Nov 10am  Chris Mapleton  
Fri 11 Dec 10am  Chris Topping