Computer Group Meeting and Events.

Please note, we would like to start Computer Group meetings at 10am so please arrive a little earlier and enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat first.


Fri 11th Jan 10am Chris Topping  
Fri 8th Feb 10am Chris Mapleton All things Apple
Fri 8th Mar 10am David Kortright  A Tale of Two Cams.
Fri 12th Apr 10am Chris Topping  
Fri 10th May 10am David Kortright How to build a computer
Fri 14th Jun 10am Chris Mapleton Buying and selling stuff(Ebay;Preloved;Gumtree;Freecycle)
Fri 12 Jul 10am Mike Wilson Sync Contacts and diary over several devices.
Fri 9th Aug 10am Chris Topping  
Fri 13 Sep 10am Tim Craig  Running a weather station from your PC
Fri 11 Oct 10am Chris Mapleton  
Fri 8th Nov 10am Mike Wilson  
Fri 13 Dec 10am Chris Topping