Some links to help you navigate the web, it's a list that will never be complete but if you would like something added please let me know. Some of the links are for YouTube, when you get to the page click on the rectangle at the bottom right of the video screen and you will get full screen viewing. Press Escape on your keyboard to return to normal.

Just click on the item you want to see, enjoy.

News, Weather and Government  
Surrey Comet. Local newspaper
Kingston Guardian. Local newspaper
Kingston Council. Local Authority
Surrey County Council. Local Authority
Elmbridge Borough Council  Local Authority
Daily Telegraph National newspaper
The Times National newspaper
HM Government Home page for Government websites
Post Office  Postage rates and Post Codes
Weather Met Office local report for Kingston

Oxshott and Cobham Music Society Chamber music society 
Weybridge Male Voice Choir Choir
Earthly Voices Choir  www,


Google maps  Road maps of the Uk and the world 
Wolfram Alpha  A computational knowledge engine, well worth having a look. 
TED  Ideas worth spreading, short talks from a wide range of people 
Gresham College  Longer talks (free) from Gresham Professors and others, online or tun up
One Across  Some help if you stuck with a crossword puzzle 
Wikipedia  The online encyclopedia. 
Cinema  Internet Movie Database. Everything you need to know about film. 
Conversions  Convert any measurement 
Translation  Translate text 
Price Spy Find shopping bargains
Money Supermarket Al;l things financial


El Camino del Rey A gorge walk that is scary just watching the video
El Camino del Rey Restored
Scale the Universe How big is big and how small is small?
HM Queen Through her life, a Jubilee special.
Romancing the Wind So you thought you could fly a kite?
It's a monks' life Acrobatics extraordinary.
Chinese deaf girls dance Sychronised dancing
Beauty A new perspective on old art.


My Blackberry is not working An old favourite
Senior banking
They don't come much cuter than this You can't start too early
Doreen's Story  Now we know all is lost